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You will have noticed that there are many companies offering website design and hosting services. Some good and some bad. Some require a huge up front payment before they will even make a start on your website. Most will host (store) your business website on a single Shared or VPS (Virtual Private Server) server which can sometimes be based outside the UK. On top of that, depending on who you choose you can suffer from repeated down time due to hardware failures or maintenance updates, costing your business time and money.

This is where Trade Host is different, we don't require a huge up front payment.. We specialise in providing business class Website design and hosting services, hosted on Cloud servers located in our highly-secure and ultra-modern data centre in the city of Derby, Derbyshire, UK.

With Cloud based business website hosting, your business website and supporting data files are stored on several servers, hence, your website doesn't rely on just one single server, but backed up by a cluster of servers that work together, termed as “the cloud”. Should there be a failure on any of the servers, one of the other servers will kick-in at lightning speed making sure that your business website remains available as normal.

Once your monthly direct debit has been setup and we receive the first payment, we will go to work on your new website which will take between 7 and 14 days depending on the option you have chosen. A 5 Page website will be completed more quickly than a 15 page website.
We provide 12 professional quality logo designs for you to choose from. We then setup your preferred logo on your website and send you the logo proofs so that you can send them on to your printing company should you require stationary etc.
We do this for you, before your new website goes live, we will contact you to discuss your email requirements. We will then go ahead and setup your email accounts and send you your login details. You don't have to use your entire email account allocation straight away. We can setup some of your accounts for you and setup any others you may need at a later date, as and when required.

Nobody likes it when their website goes offline and becomes unavailable. With Shared or VPS hosting, your business website and files will usually be hosted (stored) on a single server. Should that server experience any hardware failures, or need major maintenance, your website will go down and be unreachable by your customers until the hosting company can find and fix the problem or until the maintenance has been completed. This could result in your business website and email being offline and unavailable, sometimes for hours. Should this happen during business hours it can be very frustrating.

With Cloud hosting, your business website and supporting data files are stored on several servers, hence, your website doesn't rely on just one single server, but a cluster of servers that work together, termed as "the cloud". Each server in the cloud helps in carrying out a particular set of tasks. Should there be a failure on any one of the servers in the cloud, one of the other servers will kick-in and your business website will still be available as normal. This happens in a matter of seconds keeping your website online and available to your customers.

For business Website Accounts, you will need to commit to an initial 12 month term, after which you can cancel at any time giving us just 30 days notice.

Why a 12 month term?
Once you have signed up to one of our business website options, we will expend a lot of time, energy and resources in setting up, designing, developing, testing and commissioning your new website, designing your new logo, registering your domain name, setting up your email accounts and more, and this is why we require our clients to commit to an initial 12 month term. Most professional business website hosting companies will insist on a 12 month term. Some require a much longer commitment.

For our SEO, Google Adwords PPC (pay-per-click) and Social Media Services, there is no contract commitment and you can cancel at any time giving us 30 days notice.

Signup is a simple 3 step process.

1) Select and click on the order button for your preferred business website, or Digital Marketing option and enter your name and business address details.

2)You will shortly after receive an email from us with a link to setup your monthly direct debit, please follow the on screen prompts and set this up using your banking details entering your sort code and account number. For security reasons we cannot do this for you.

3) We will then contact you to discuss your new business website or digital marketing requirements in-depth. Once we have a thorough understanding of your requirements we will go to work on your new website or digital marketing and help you to make a success of your business.

We only except payments via Direct Debit. When signing up for any of our services, we will send you a link via email to setup your monthly direct debit payment.

We use a company called GoCardless to setup your monthly direct debit. GoCardless are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as an Authorised Payment Institution used to collect direct debit payments.

Once you have signed up up you will receive an email with a link to setup your monthly direct debit with GoCardless. It only takes a minute to setup using your sort code and account number. Because of the strict rules around the setting up of direct debits we are unable to do this for you.

We provide excellent UK based support to all our clients. Contact support any time by Phone, Chat, or Email and we will assist you in any way we can. You will find our support team to be Polite, Professional, Easy to deal with and Very Responsive.

Our 5 page website option is our standard plan and includes all you need to get your new business website up and running. It will include 5 pages as follows: 1. Home Page, 2. About Us Page, 3. Services or products Page, 4. Contact Page, 5. Any other page you need to a maximum of 5. Your Contact page will include your business contact details as well as a contact form and a google map showing your business location.

A 5 Page website is enough to get you started so you can trade online. Should you need to add more pages you can always upgrade to one of our other plans with no interruption in service, as and when required.

If you intend to sell products to your customers directly through your website you will need your Business Website to be eCommerce enabled so that you can list and and sell your products to your customers directly through your website. If your business is service based you will generally not need eCommerce facilities

eCommerce is available with either our Professional or Ultimate website plans. Once your business website has been designed, we will show you how to setup, list and sell your products.

Please note that you will need to setup an account with a third party payment processor like PayPal, Worldpay, Sagepay etc so that you can process payments from your customers.

When we design your business website, we make sure that your website looks great, not only on desktop and laptop computers, but also on tablets, iPad, iPhone and Android phones. The design we will create will be fully responsive in that it will scale up or down and still look great on all devices.
We like to reward our loyal clients. With that in mind, after you have been with us for 24 months you can apply for a Free Website Refresh. We will liaise with you on this and design a fresh new look for you, at no extra charge. You have shown your loyalty to us and in return we show our loyalty to you. We value all our clients and will go the extra mile to make sure that you are happy with the service we provide.

No one knows your products or services like you do. However, there are times when we all need help with the creation of relevant and compelling content that is designed to educate, inform and solicit a contact from any potential customers. This is especially true when starting up a new online business.

With our Standard Business Website plan, you will need to provide us with the text copy you would like to use on your website. If however you choose either our Professional or Ultimate plans, we will work closely with you to create this content using proven copy writing techniques designed to sell your products or services. Our goal is to convert your visitors into customers.

Our servers are all located in our highly-secure and ultra-modern data centre in the city of Derby, Derbyshire, UK.

We will design and host most types of business websites, with the exception of the following: Websites or Blogs that include Racist, Pornographic, Homophobic, Politically Extreme or Firearms related content. Websites that offer, Digital Games, Music or Software Downloads libraries where the download files are stored on our servers. If you're not sure if your website content is allowed please contact us first to confirm before signing up.

Yes, provided it has not already been registered. If you order a new domain name as part of our business website packages, your domain name will be free as long as you choose either a (.com,,.net,.org,.eu,, extension), and for as long as you have your website account with us. All other domain extensions are charged for as some domain extensions are expensive.

You Do. When we register a domain name as part of your new business website account, we will use your name, address and email address for the owner registration. We will use our email address as the admin contact. Your domain name will belong to you, and only you. Your domain name has to be renewed annually, and many website hosting companies will bill you for this, not tradehost. Your Domain name renewal cost is included with your monthly business website plan so there is nothing else pay. What's more, you won't have to worry about renewing your domain name each year as we do this for you automatically.

Yes, we offer a 99.9% up time guarantee. As your Website and supporting files are backed up on the cloud, it's extremely unlikely that you will experience any website down time. In fact, our clients have not experienced any downtime for over 2 years. We provide a “very” reliable service.

Sure, in fact we encourage it. When we design your new Website, we will include a number of Stock Photos/Images within the content. Stock Images are professional quality photos and images that we will purchase on your behalf, images that help to give a professional look and feel to your new website.

There are millions of professional quality Stock images available for our web designers to choose from. We are sure to find some that are suitable for your business type or industry sector. Stock image costs are included in your monthly Website fee, so nothing more to pay. Stock images can always be replaced with your own at a later date if required and provided they are of good quality.

Yes. If you are familiar with Wordpress, PHP and HTML you can make changes to your own website. However, if something should go radically wrong and you need us to reinstate your website from a previous backup, there will be an admin charge of £30 to do this. Alternatively, If you need to change something simple on your website, such as telephone numbers, address details or a small change to your text copy, please contact support who will be more than happy to make these changes for you in a timely manner.

Sure, please call our sales team and they will be happy to help you with this. Taking our 5 page website option as an example, you would have 5 pages of information available from your website menu. e.g. home page, about us, services or products, contact us, and one other page of your choice. If you provide more than one service it is sometimes a good idea to have a separate page for each that can be accessed from a drop-down list under your “Services” or “Products” menu.

As an example, if you offer 3 different services and want a separate page of information for each. This would count towards your page count as the number of required pages would now be 7 or 8. If you are sure that you will need more than 5 pages it is a good idea to go for either our 15 or 25 page option.

Its worth mentioning here that a lot of our clients are more than happy with a 5 page website as it includes everything they need to operate their online business. Also, should you find that you need to add more pages in the future, we can upgrade you to one of our other option accounts easily and without any interruption in service.

We use WordPress to design and build all our clients business websites. WordPress is a website building and content management system used by over 70 million websites worldwide, and it powers almost a quarter of the Internet. What's more, Google loves Wordpress powered websites and indexes them well. Google also carries around 80% off all Internet searches, so for us its a no brainer,

Probably. Please contact our sales department for details.

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